Royal Court

The Royal Court and His Majesty's Royal Council

The Royal Council consists of generally permanent positions given by the King, the Heir and The Great Officers. The Royal Council has meetings each week to discuss the various matters of the Kingdom. The Open Royal Court is held upon decision of His Majesty or requirement. Though, there is a tradition to have at least one Open Royal Court per month. Everyone can participate in the Open Royal Court. Also, if there is a situation, which requires the presence of other Court Officers in the meeting of His Majesty's Royal Council, the invitation is sent to the required parties. Also, anyone can ask for His Majesty's Royal Council's meeting or Open Royal Court to be held, informing one of the Great Officers (Depending on the reasons of the request). The Council or Court may be scheduled, or the request may be discarded.

The Great Officers

Court Entertainments


Other positions of importance at the Court

Knights only positions

Non-knights positions

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