Player Guide

Chargen: Room 1

The next few rooms will guide you through the process of creating your character. Each room will give you instructions about what to set. Before starting, you should have a good idea of the character you wish to create. You are also encouraged to peek at the Wanted Concepts.

You can always go back to a previous room if you need to change something (without losing your other stats).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Newbie channel by typing +new <message>.

If this is an alt character, be sure to register them by using the +alts command.

General information: Room 2

In this room, you will set up some general information about your preferences, roleplay type and character's concept.

1. Preferences: You have to inform other players of your preferences by setting it. We hope to avoid many misunderstandings which raise when players are not sure what others are looking for in the roleplay. The list of preferences you may find typing +news Preferences too.

  • TS - if you set this, you are good with light sexual scenes.
  • HTS - if you set this, you are good with heavy sexual scenes.
  • ROMANCE - if you set this, you are good with flirt and romantic roleplay.
  • VIOLENCE - if you set this, you are good with violent scenes like descriptive battles, attacks, murders and etc.
  • PRP-YES - if you set this, you are good with running PRPs to other players, and they should be free to contact you with their requests.
  • NON-VIOLENT - if you set this, you are not good with descriptive violent scenes.
  • NO-HTS - if you set this, you are not good with heavy sexual scenes.
  • NO-TS - if you set this, you are not good with light sexual scenes.
  • PRP-NO - if you set this, you are not good with running PRPs to other players, but you gladly participate in something what is run by others.

Set preferences using this command: &prefernces me=<text>, e.g. &prefernces me=TS, NO-HTS, ROMANCE, PRP-YES

2. Roleplay type: The choice of your roleplay type will have influence on what type of roleplay your character may stumble upon. The choices are Non-consent and Consent. Please, read more about each of them carefully before choosing. You can also read more typing +news rp-type in the game too.

  • NON-CONSENT - You do not care what will happen to your character and you are up for almost any adventure. The staff will warn you just about possible death of your character, but just once. Everything else depends on your actions. Once you chose this, you can't go back to CONSENT roleplay type.
  • CONSENT - You do care of the future of your character, and you do not want realistic flaw of events. You would prefer to be able to build exact future of your dreams. This means that nobody will be able to attack your character or influence its life without your permission (no arranged marriage as surprise!). Though, have in mind that you are also not allowed to influence the life of a character, whose player chose NON-CONSENT roleplay type without his permission. If you are CONSENT player, everyone else is CONSENT to you too. It would be unfair if you challenge someone to the duel till death, but refuse to die since you are CONSENT, while your partner is NON-CONSENT. But lucky you, you can always become NON-CONSENT player!

Set your roleplay type by typing this command: &rptype me=<text>, e.g. &rptype me=Non-Consent

EXCEPTION: heads of the houses, heirs and characters in the main lines of noble families may be played just by NON-CONSENT players.

3. Character's concept: Please, provide us with a short concept of your character. It shouldn't be longer than 5-7 words.

Do it typing &concept me=<text>, e.g. &concept me=Old and demanding Royal Gardener.

Demographics: Room 3

Abilities: Room 4

Advantages: Room 5

Personality: Room 6

Background: Room 7

Approval: Room 8

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