House Of Morin
House Overview
Head of House: {$head}
Spouse: {$spouse}
Titles: {$titles}
Heir: {$heir}
Liege: House of Larouss
Succession: Male primogeniture
Goods: {$goods}
Wealth: {$wealth}
Motto: {$motto}



House Relations

MushName Head of House : Relationship

Family tree


grandfather <birthdate>-<date of death>, m. Spouse, including birthname <birthdate>-<date of death>

  • their children:
  • father <birthdate>-<date of death>, m. mother
    • their children:
    • Head of House <birthdate> m. spouse
      • their children:
      • child1 <birthdate>
      • child2 <birthdate>
    • younger sibling <birthdate> m. spouse
      • their children:
      • nephew <birthdate>
      • niece <birthdate>
  • aunt <birthdate>-<date of death> m. husband
    • their children:
    • cousin1
    • cousin2
  • uncle <birthdate>-<date of death>
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