County of Berless


The County of Berless is where roleplay in our game will be focusing. This county belongs to the royal House of Larouss and is also where the Royal Court of Lusitaine is located. As you can see on the map, it's mostly plains, separated by a mountain range and forest from other provinces of the Kingdom. There are a few wide rivers and some forests within the county itself as well.

The larger house icons mark larger villages ruled by simple Lords and Ladies. The list of appable families can be found here. Other families may be opened if the game grows large enough.

Small house icons mark tiny villages. The roads on the map are not marked, but each village is reachable by a road. Only the largest rivers are marked on the map. The smaller ones may be found around villages too, as tiny ponds.

The seat of House Larouss is Luisante Palais. It's the main seat of the Kingdom and Luisante is considered the Capital.

Duchy of Calogne


The County of Berless is part of the Duchy of Calogne and located in the south-east of the duchy. An overview of marquisates, counties and baronies is given below. Currently, characters from outside of Berless are restricted. These Houses may be opened up at a later time, or at staff discretion.

Territory Leadership
Marquisate of Gallow House of Laffitte
Marquisate of Alenseau House of Pichard
County of Berlles House of Larouss
County of Melindee House of Bachelot
County of Mainnois House of Granet
Viscounty of Oftmund House of Ardouin
Viscounty of Chateau House of Delcroix
Viscounty of Roussett House of Noir
Barony of Elmonde House of Bassot
Barony of Lishan House of Renou
Barony of Forzou House of Favre
Barony of Borsier House of Duclos

Kingdom of Chantour


There are more duchies in the Kingdom of Chantour, each with respective ruling families that are listed below. Characters from these families are restricted to a few offered at staff discretion, as privileged courtiers at the Royal Court of Luisante Palace, in Berless.

Territory Leadership
Duchy of Calogne House of Larouss
Duchy of Charssy House of Gallois
Duchy of Aisau House of Mallette
Duchy of Bounin House of Roussel
Duchy of Challon House of Roatta
Duchy of Rouzon House of Houdin
Duchy of Hannow House of Leclair

The World


Ethnic equivalent in the table below is used to help you get an idea of how the language of a specific state may sound. We won't be using these languages for scenes, we will be writing in English, but Ambassadors and some NPCs have names, which may help you to recognize from which country they are from. We may someday decide we will allow visitors from foreign countries to be played as PCs and then you will need to know the ethnic equivalent in order to pick a name and description fitting the ethnicity of your character, but that is all. We are not trying to represent historic events, traditions, religion, or any other cultural aspect of one of these countries. So, do not expect historical or cultural accuracy.

Characters from these kingdoms are restricted to be staff NPCs at this point, acting ambassadors at the Royal Court of Luisante. These spots may be opened for application at a later time.

State State type Leader Ethnic equivalent
Aquera Empire House of Ferreiro Spain
Asgardstrand Tribal Confederation House of Hattestad Scandinavia
Chantour Kingdom House of Larouss France
Charkhi Dadri Sultanate House of Sarbadhikari India
Cotland Kingdom House of Talmhach Great Britain and Ireland
Geisenheim Dukedom House of Schaber Germany
Hofsos Grand Dukedom House of Sigurdsson Iceland
Isaccea Principality House of Petrescu Romania
Lichtenau Dukedom House of Wehner Germany
Loutraki Republic House of Sisini Greece
Namanga Tribes Unknown Africa
Nassau Dukedom House of Olbrich Germany
Owerri Tribes Unknown Africa
Salaspils Grand Dukedom House of Jansons Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
San Severo Republic House of Alborghetti Italy
Sharya Principality House of Kozlovy Slavic nations
Tell es-Sakan Monarchy House of Khaldun Egypt
Yangzhou Kingdom House of Hou China
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